Public Works Department

The Public Works Department is a nonprofit municipal organization responsible for the utilities and maintenance of St. Robert. The City of St. Robert employs over 25 people through their Utility Department.  The Public Works Director oversees the street, sewer, electric, water, gas, and wastewater treatment.  If you have questions or comments regarding these serveices, please contact us at 573-451-3315 or 573-451-2000. 

Plan on Digging?
Working underground can be very dangerous and costly if you don't know what you are doing or where you are going. You could bust open water, gas, and electrical lines. You could easily puncture a buried cable and put a whole street out of telephone usage. So if you plan on digging please call first, save you and your neighbor some trouble.

Missouri law requires anyone who plans to excavate land to contact proper authorities at least two working days in advance of the work, that way they can locate and mark the area.

Those who damage such cables can also be held liable for cost of repairs and lost services of other businesses.  operations, preparing the budget, and coordinating the work of department heads.   

2014 Water Quality Report
Energy Conservation Tips
Infrastructure Guidelines and Disinfection Procedure
Public Works Fee Schedule
Construction Agreement
Maintenance Agreement
Infrastructure Regulations
Infrastructure Checklist
Irrevocable Letter of Credit
Easement Vacation
Easement Waiver

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Public Works Contact

Steve Long
Public Works Director
194 Eastlawn Ave., Suite A
St. Robert, Missouri 65584
573-451-3315 (Phone)
636-216-4925 (Fax)

Report Outage - After Hours - 5pm call the Police Department: 573-451-3325