Waynesville-St. Robert Regional Airport

The Cities of Waynesville and St. Robert jointly operate the Waynesville-St. Robert Regional Airport under a cooperative intergovernmental agreement. The airport is managed by the Joint Airport Board and the cities lease an exclusive use area from the U.S. Army. The Waynesville-St. Robert Regional Airport is located on Fort Leonard Wood. Despite the airport’s location on a military post, the airport’s services are open to the public. The airline terminal is located at Bldg 5017 on Iowa Ave. Gaining access to the airport involves showing a photo ID at any one of the gates to Fort Leonard Wood.  

For the aircraft enthusiast the Waynesville - St. Robert Regional Airport at Fort Leonard Wood offers a wide variety of services. New T-hangars provide short- and long-term protection for your aircraft.
There are published instrument approaches and the airport currently has an ILS to RWY 14.

The Airport offers long term parking.  There is a rental car concession at the airline terminal.  Other area rental car agencies offers rental services to the terminal with advance reservations.
Aircraft Services
  • Instrument landing
  • Aircraft tie-downs and hangar rental available
  • 24 hour fuel service for both 100LL and jet-A fuel)
Technical Data About the Airport
Airport Brochure

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Waynesville-St. Robert Regional Airport Named
It's not just the little guys struggling for attention who provide great FBO experiences out there. This week, AVweb reader Ron McCormick tells us about Waynesville-St. Robert Cities Aviation, serving Fort Leonard Wood and the surrounding Missouri community. "They are the only FBO on the field but do no act like it," writes Ron. "The manager was very helpful in negotiating this military/civilian airport ... and helped carry luggage in loading and unloading the plane. ... If you need to go to Ft. Leonard Wood or are in the St. Roberts/Waynesville area, stop in at TBN; it is easy to in out of the military base [if] you just show your driver's license." (avweb.com)