Bid Solicitations

Public works projects shall be bid at prevailing wage rates for Pulaski County. In accordance with RSMO 292.675, all “on-site employees” of contractors and subcontractors of the successful bidder working on this public works project shall complete a 10-hour, OSHA approved construction safety course prior to the commencement of work activities. The successful bidder is required to be enrolled and participate in the Federal Work Authorization Program (E-Verify) in accordance with RSMo 285.530. All work shall comply with City of St. Robert construction standards, project specifications and detail drawings.


The City of St. Robert reserves the right to:

  • Reject any or all bid proposals
  • Waive any informalities or irregularities in any submittal
  • Waive technical defects in bids
  • Award in whole or in part to one or more respondents
  • Utilize other services provided by the chosen firm(s) not regulated by the Missouri State statutes
  • Take any other such actions that may be deemed in the best interest of the City of St. Robert

Additional Information

Plans, specifications and affidavit paperwork can be obtained from the St. Robert Public Works Department. For further information contact the Director of Public Works at 573-451-3318 or by emailing Steve Long