City Collector

 The office of City Collector was once an elected position. However, on April 7, 1998, a city election was held and the voters approved making the office an appointed position. . 

City Hall


The duties of the City Collector are to deposit daily all monies collected and see that all persons engaged in any business for which a license is required, take out such license. The City Collector processes incoming payments, manages City merchant licenses and various permits, processes deposits into the appropriate account. 

Real Estate Taxes

City of St. Robert Real Estate Taxes are now collected by the Pulaski County Collector. Your tax bill for the city of St. Robert will come with your Pulaski County tax bill. You will not receive a separate tax bill. Visit the Collector's website or call 573-774-4711 for tax collection information or to pay online.

Property Tax

The city of St. Robert does not have a personal property tax.