St. Robert Route 66 Neon Park

Welcome to the St. Robert Route 66 Neon Park website.

This website is designed to provide information about the Neon Park as well as upcoming events associated with the park. You can also be involved in the success of the park by sponsoring a brick that will be displayed in the park for all visitors to see. Don’t wait, act now to GET YOUR BRICK ON ROUTE 66 (click here).

Where will the Park be located?

The “St. Robert Route 66 Neon Park” will be located within the City of St. Robert’s George M. Reed Roadside Park, which is located in a wide median area between the eastbound and westbound lanes of Route 66 in Saint Robert, Missouri USA. The Route 66 Neon Park will be the first of its kind to be developed along the 2,448 miles of the Mother Road which runs from Chicago, IL to Santa Monica, CA. The park will feature restored, orphaned Route 66 neon signs in an outdoor park-like setting with corresponding story boards to inform the public about the history of each sign.

Why this park?

The Route 66 Association of Missouri had identified three locations within Missouri for their vision. The City of St. Robert – George M. Reed Park was of interest for several reasons; the centralized location within the state, the lay of the land, the approach to the property from both the east and west, and the unique median access to the park from both directions.

FAQ: What about the tank that is presently there?

Currently the roadside park is home to a M-60 tank which will remain within the park, and be embellished to tell the story of the importance of Route 66 as a thoroughfare for transporting war material during WWII. For additional information on the namesake of the roadside park, visit this article

What will go in the park? (Plans are tentative)

Route 66 Neon Signs: Eligible signs would be those that were originally along the Route between 1926 and 1985, have been abandoned and do not have a home, and would not otherwise return to the Mother Road without a park such as this. Signs for the park are obtained in working partnership with the Route 66 Association of Missouri.

Park Features: Future plans for the park include several park features to placed along the “roadway” through the park. Thoughts include period gas pumps, road signs, antique car, antique motorcycle, and park benches.

Pathways: Pathways leading throughout the park will represent the “roadway”, laid with asphalt and pathway lighting.

Park Entrance: The park entrance will feature a custom neon welcome sign as well as a Memorial/Sponsorship Wall. (To sponsor a brick for the wall, click here and GET YOUR BRICK ON ROUTE 66!)

Who travels the Route?

People from all walks of life, from all around the globe travel to America to experience the “Mother Road”. They love to experience the “Heartland” of America and meet great people from this part of the country. On a daily basis, businesses along the Route will meet tourists from across the country and all parts of the world as they travel on foot, by bicycle, motorcycle, automobile, or by motor coach as they experience how it all started. They travel along the Route with their kids, as a group of friends, or as a group of “new friends” as they meet people and see places along the way. For a very large group of people, traveling and experiencing Route 66 is a MUST for their bucket list.

More information about the "Get Your Brick On Route 66"

brick sponsorship program

This sponsorship program is offered for those who wish to become part of the park by having their name, business name, loved one's name etc.. etched in a brick somewhere in the park.  Bricks are available in two sizes 4"x8" ($125) and 8"x8" $325. Each brick sponsored will help offset the cost of developing and making the park, refurbishing the neon signs and attractions, and for general upkeep of the park and attractions. 

Each brick sponsored will add to the beauty and uniqueness of the park.  Each brick can be inscribed with an image from our stock clipart library or a custom logo/image at no additional charge (custom images are to be in jpg or bmp format and should be emailed to Brick inscriptions are limited as follows:

4"x8" bricks ($125): Up to 3 lines of text, 15 characters per line including spaces, 

8"x8" bricks ($325): Up to 6 lines of text, 15 characters per line including spaces

All bricks: Limited to one (1) image per brick

All bricks can be ordered and paid for online by clicking on the link below:  Please use "Neon Park Brick" as the Payment Type and "PK28" as the Unique Code

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