St. Robert Dog Regulations

All persons owning, keeping or harboring any dog of canine species in the City of St. Robert is required to license each dog with the City Collector at City Hall.  Once this is done, each dog will be given a tag to be displayed on it's collar.  In order to receive a license, all dogs must be vaccinated against rabies by a licensed veterinarian within twelve (12) months prior to the license being issued.  A Certificate of vaccination, signed by a licensed veterinarian, is required when filing for a dog license.  Dog licenses are required annually and can be obtained from the City Collector at City Hall, located at 194 Eastlawn Ave, Ste. A in St. Robert.

To apply for a Dog License for your Dog (click here)

Please contact the City Collector by using the contact information to the right, if you have any questions about having a dog inside the city.

More information can be found in the City's regulation at the link below.

To see the City of St. Robert's regulations for dog ownership please click here.

Waynesville Animal Shelter

For more information about the Waynesville Animal Shelter and the services they provide, please go to their website by follow the link below.

Link to the Waynesville Animal Shelter Website